Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers

The past few years have seen artist after artist, genre after genre enter into the limelight that is the music scene. For Alex Pall, a simple college student with a love for DJing (until recently) the life he leads today was not one he expected. Being interested in dance music, Pall had a few forays into the genre and as even had a music manager, but he considered it to be more of a hobby than a “job.” However, what started out as a hobby became a full-time job as his manager introduced Pall to Andrew Taggart and the two became the duo whose name would eventually know great fame: The Chainsmokers.

Originally just beat-music, the kind that plays in clubs and has no real lyrics, their first glimpse of fame when they released #Selfie in 2015. The single quickly went viral, more for comedy than for musical genius, but nevertheless, the two took what was given and have released many songs following the first. As time has paced The Chainsmokers have not only earned a name for themselves but have helped other newcomers to do the same. Alex Pall states that it has been a rocky road to establish an identity for the group between trying to decide where they want their music to go next and what exactly they want to portray in their songs, especially after getting their start as simple DJs with no intentions of adding lyrics to their dance music.

For The Chainsmokers, much has changed. They have quickly gone from having a typical demographic of what they deem “college” students, to fans under 15 as well as those over 30. Alex Pall’s view is that it is only up from here. As he and Taggart grow their musical identity, the more successful they become.