Jason Hope Leads Business

For many people technology can be the cause of anxieties. For entrepreneur Jason Hope, however, technology offers promises of advancement and change. Hope is a futurist entrepreneur whose work as a consultant helps company find digital solutions to problems and work within the rising tide of technology-oriented goods. These items, known to many as the Internet of Things, are consumer and commercial products that have persistent Internet connectivity. Hope’s beliefs on the Internet of Things were addressed by author Jesse Boskoff in a recent Engadget article.

In his article, Boskoff discusses the way that Hope sets himself apart by taking a “hard-line stance” on the Internet of Things. Hope believes that the Internet of Things shows promise for humanity by tackling many problems that society currently faces. For Hope, persistent connectivity can provide conveniences but it can also make us safer and reduce waste. These possibilities may soon be widely seen as Hope believes the Internet of Things represents an inevitable future for all of us.

His foresight into the role of technology in society does not stop there. Jason Hope sees promise in the field of biotechnology and has pledged a large sum to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit whose goal is to end age-related illness. Hope’s work and funding might help create a better future for us all where the perils of old age may be significantly curbed. Read This Article.

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The “Business Development of the Year” Award Goes to Darius Fisher

The president and co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, was recently awarded the “Business Development of the Year” award by the prestigious PR World Awards. This exclusive award is given to only the best in corporate communications, marketing, investor relations, business development professionals, teams, departments and accomplishments from every major industry in the globe. Status Labs has thrived in the industry as a public relations, online reputation management, and digital marketing firm, with Darius Fisher at the Helm as President. The company records an impressive revenue growth of 939% from 2012-2015.

Mr. Fisher has brought significant change to the firm by establishing a world-class client base and launching new digital service offerings. Among the many institutions and persons that have made ties with Status Labs include numerous Fortune 500 Companies and significant public figures from around the world. With a goal of dominating the public relations industry, the Mr. Fisher incorporates his skills in long-term strategic planning and goal setting, sales team management and vital customer relationships that bring innovation to the firm.

Mr. Fisher considers the award a huge privilege and hold firm in his belief of business development as a key ingredient for any institution with aspirations for long-term growth. Darius Fisher maintains that his company, Status Labs takes seriously issues relating relationship-building and establishing a brand partnership.

As President of the firm, Darius Fisher has built partnerships with other agencies, brought in their local and international sales and accounts management teams and has set up a strategic vision for the company. After attaining his honors at the Vanderbilt University, Fisher went on ahead to work as a political consultant and copywriter.

Darius Fisher was an also a notable speaker at the Impact115 that was held in Las Vegas Nevada on September the 23rd to the 25th. On the three-day conference, which was held to bring together only the best and brightest in the online marketing industry, Mr. Fisher spoke on the importance of protecting and managing your digital presence.