Sawyer Howitt & The Racquet Club

Sawyer Howitt, the son of very well known and prominent founder of the famous Meriwether group, is a racquetball prodigy residing in Portland, Oregon. Fortunately for Sawyer Howitt, The Racquet Club also resides in Portland! The Racquet Club is a family oriented, private tennis club in the West Hills of Portland. Howitt is widely regarded as one of the best, up and coming racquetball players in the United States.

Many believe that Howitt may represent the United States in the next Olympics. Sawyer Howitt speaks very highly of the opportunity provided by the Racquet Club, and credits the club greatly to his current success and the national attention he is receiving. Sawyer started playing racquetball in high school, at Lincoln High.

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He quickly was getting better and noticed that he was very good compared to the level of competition. He knew to get better, he would need to move onto better competition. He found it at The Racquet Club. While playing at the club, he plays two 2015 National finalists, Gavin Usher and John Curley. Although, Sawyer Howitt didn’t win the high school championship in racquetball his junior year at Lincoln High, he played a very tight match against upper-classman Eric Poppleston. With the hard work continuing, Howitt has a very promising career, and may see himself representing the USA in a couple years. Keep a look out for him!

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