Drone Detection By Securus Deters Facility Crime

Drone detection technology is a simple, but effective way for a correctional facility to minimize the threat of contraband through drone activity. Drones are hard for facilities to detect and are responsible for a large amount of contraband that now has the potential to invade a facility. Securus Technologies masterminded the technology and will control the device from their base quarters. Without the need of additional facility support the new Securus technology will reduce crime in some of the toughest prisons nationwide. When it comes to crime prevention, Securus continues to be the leaders with advance technology solutions to combat telecommunication crime.


Securus Technologies; Leadership


Many Securus Technologies executives, professionals, and IT professionals have planned a role in the success of the Securus Technologies inmate calling network. However, their CEO, Rick A. Smith, stands behind any iniative for Securus to continue crime prevention beyond incarceration and continue to actively support the safety of the general public. Their surveillance and monitoring tools have long been used to monitor other networks and continues to be used as a part of their superior inmate calling network. You’re invited to visit their website portal for many descriptive feature tabs to save money on inmate calling, today.


Recent Securus Technologies News


There is now prompt payment processing technology available through Securus. Their new GovPayNet partnership means, you’ll get your payments processed in 1 to 24 hours. GovPayNet serves as one of the largest government debit and credit card processing networks. The estimated worth of the deal continues to go undisclosed, but has been reported by Business Newswire as a successful deal for all parties involved. Trust the valuable Securus Technologies network to provide features and services unmatched by their competitors. In fact, their technology at Securus, protects your financial information overt an encrypted network.


Securus; Preferred Services


You have the option of many features and services available on the technologically sound Securus web portal. Their website directs you to many important features and services including remote visitation online or bundles of stamps at a reasonable rate. You can easily purchase features from their web portal with a valid payment method. Most of their features require their customers be eighteen years of age or older and you must have a valid payment method to order features and services. Their interactive web portal has allowed them to become one of the largest inmate calling networks nationwide. Their customers have also participated in theist crime prevention program by leaving their comments in their forum or reporting them confidentially online.


Join the popular Securus group and stay connected to your friends and family in a correctional institution. Thousands of customers currently stay connected to an inmate with Securus.


Securus Technologies Juggling Expansions and New Product Releases

Securus Technologies has gained a significant amount of momentum as the Dallas-based company has been completing one successful acquisition after another. The company has also been maintaining a favorable reputation among its client despite the diverse audiences of the Texan business.


Securus Technologies develops tech solutions and software pertaining to the correctional industry, public safety, and the inmate communication business. The corporation started working in 1986, serving Texas and Georgia predominantly. Now, Securus Technologies is available across the United States of America and in Southern Canada.


Two of the latest additions to the business and services of Securus Technologies have been the GovNetPay payment processor and the global JPay, Inc. When the latter was acquired Securus Technologies was confident that JPay Inc. would make a plentiful addition to the business. Securus Technologies is now able to accommodate 40 million transfers with ease thanks to the powerful and reliable platform of the JPay Inc. In Addition to that, the GovNetPay processor enables them to achieve that with ease and go over that number in a year.


Securus Technologies is known for its skillful expansion planning. The corporation has stated many times that it has extensive plans for its growth and so far the company has been able to achieve both its growth and the steady development and release of products to the markets it serves.


Last year, Securus Technologies released a product for wireless containment. The system prevents unauthorized connections to the wireless internet from within prison walls. The product came from the growing demand for limiting the incident of inmates going live on social media platforms.


Later in the year, Securus Technologies put out another product, again for the correctional industry. It as a digital platform developed in partnership with JPay Inc. after the acquisition as complete.

How Officers Use Securus Technologies in the Prison

Me and my team of corrections officers rely on each other to not only keep us safe, but to protect every inmate, staff member, and visitor in our prison. Being in such close quarters with inmates who severely outnumber us, if we let down our guard for even a few seconds, we could be put in a very dangerous situation. Not only do most of the inmates have it out for authority, add into the mix weapons and drugs, and you make a dangerous situation deadly.


Each day we are working hard to maintain order and safety inside the jail. We start by taking the time every day visitors come into the prison to check them for any contraband they might be passing to the inmates. We check the inmates before they can get back to their cells, and we even check their cells randomly throughout the day. We have a team that check inmate’s mail and we even will monitor the calls they make while inside the jail. The company that installed our inmate call monitoring system, Securus Technologies, has been instrumental in helping officers to make life safer for all behind prison walls.


The company is based out of Dallas, has 1,000 employees, and their CEO, Richard Smith, says Securus Technologies is dedicated to making the planet safer. When you have these monitoring systems in over 2,500 jails, you are doing something right. The LBS software enables my team to be able to isolate conversations the inmates are having about drug use in their cells, getting drugs from the outside, and where they can hide the drugs to keep it safe.


Each day we are able to use the call monitoring system to detect chatter on weapons or drugs, then take immediate action before the incidence becomes a problem.


Spend Far Less On Inmate Communications With A Leading Provider

Securus Technologies customers went above and beyond to ensure the safety of the general public by commenting on key issues associated with inmate calling. They have given feedback that has brought forth many technological advances towards exceeding in the network. Furthermore, they have a high level of customer service excellence that has awarded them the recent BBB Accreditation award. Their comments have contributed to advanced features that prevent crimes by inmates. Their monitoring provides superior features that ensure the safety of the public. PRN Newswire has reported that the incarceration environment has greatly improved with the added technology.


How Customers Save With Securus Technologies?


Team players like JPay Services have provided an expansion that promises to save Securus customers time and money. You eliminate the need for many traditional services that include locating an authorized agent or third party assistance. Stay connected to your loved ones in a correctional facility like never before. Spend more time talking and less time spending your money to stay connected to the ones you love. On average, customers have given actual testimonials of savings that reach 46% and a considerable amount of these savings consist of transportation to a facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Chatting


You can talk to your loved ones face-to-face with interactive video that gives you a one of kind opportunity to stay connected to your loved ones with an actual visual. You can help your loved ones stay current on family relations and legal counsel.


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave your loved a message in a correctional facility and they can have access to your message when they are allowed to retrieve their messages. It gives them a sense of independence towards their transitioning to a life outside of correctional facility.


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