How Lori Senecal Became A Top Female Executive Leader in the Marketing and Advertising Industry

While the marketing and advertising industry is practically dominated by men leaders, Lori Senecal has made her footprints visible as a leading woman to hold executive positions. She is probably one of the highest paid executives who are a female earning over $1 million in salary, annually. In her Fast Company interview, she said her ability to lead came from her high school and college days coaching gymnastics teams. She developed good team building relationships and communications skills that continue to help lead advertising teams, today, in her professional career. Seneca is making a career change, soon and announced she’s retiring December 31st, 2017, after serving as global chief executive officer at CP+B (Crispin Porter + Bogusky) for two years.

The announcement of Lori Senegal retiring was reported by Adweek – Leadership and Talent, on May 18th, 2018. She joined CP+B, in 2015, and successfully developed a structure with a solid foundation, said the Chuck Porter, the chairman of the marketing and advertising agency. In the meantime, he and Senecal are collaborating with deep focus on the next generation team of leaders. The partners have chosen Danielle Aldrich to serve as president for the west office, and offices in Boulder and L.A. Chuck said that Lori has proven herself to be a true friend and business partner, making the agency more efficient and innovative.

Lori Senecal is a graduate from McGill University earning a BC (Bachelor of Commerce) degree in finance marketing. Her first career boost began while working at McCann Erickson as co-founder of TAG Ideation, in New York City, in 2003. She successfully helped to form and launch major campaigns for Coca-Cola, BMW, Hersey’s, American Airlines, American Express, and X-box. She also worked on advertising and marketing campaigns for Infinity, Vanguard, Victoria Secret Pink, Domino’s Pizza, Best Buy, and other brands. Senecal said her marketing strategy that’s helpful in advertising campaigns is to learn as much as possible about the brand’s structure, internally and externally, before they become actual clients.

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