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Karl Heideck Legal Professional
Karl Heideck Legal Professional

Litigators are legal professionals that are focused on taking legal actions against people or entities. A litigator is someone who focuses on the entire picture; the case from start to finish, whereas attorneys mainly focus on just the courtroom aspect that involves the judge, jury, and witnesses.

Litigators, such as Karl Heideck of Jenkintown, typically play a larger role in the bigger picture. Attorneys or trial lawyers on the other hand usually leave the more boring tasks to other members of their team, like paralegals or first-year associates. A litigator covers every aspect of the case, from start to finish.

The term “litigation” is defined as a legal dispute a few, or many parties. Those attorneys who are involved in the litigation process are properly termed “litigators.” Some could claim that becoming a litigator instead of a trial attorney leads to a much more exciting day. Every day for a litigator is different, from investigating, to tracking down witnesses and gathering evidence.

A litigator’s job begins with the initial investigation of the case. This process involves the determination of if there is enough evidence to file a lawsuit in the case of the plaintiff, and the determination of evidence that will allow them to defend a defendant. This means the litigator could be tracking down witnesses, taking their statements, collecting documents, and investing any and all facts of the case.

After the litigator gathers all possible evidence, the process moves to the next step, which is “pleadings.” This means that the litigators will create pleadings and motions on behalf of their client, including a summons and complaint for plaintiffs filing lawsuits, and motions to dismiss or change venues, motions, and pleadings.

The discovery process comes next. This step involves the exchange of information between the parties involved in the case. There are many ways in which a litigator will gather information from the other party, including interrogatories, depositions, and requests for production or admission. Litigators will examine all the evidence regarding the trial, which helps them gain relevant information and identify any issues within the case.

Next is the pre-trial process, in which litigators will consult and advise their clients, and develop a strategy. They will also take depositions from key witnesses and experts, and draft pre-trial motions. Studies show that most lawsuits are settled prior to a necessary trial. If the case can be settled outside of court, a litigator will be involved in the negotiations within the parties, and help create settlement agreements and other materials.

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In the event that the suit does go to trial, litigators will spend a lot of time identifying the case’s strengths and weaknesses. They will develop persuasive arguments and prepare witnesses. At trial, the litigator will select a jury and present their case in court. This includes opening and closing statements and witness examinations. The litigator may even file an appeal, should the outcome of the trial be undesirable.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who specializes in litigation, compliance, and risk management. Karl Heideck earned his undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature from Swarthmore College, and then moved on to earn his Juris Doctor from Temple University.

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Karl Heideck works mainly within the Philadelphia area. Karl Heideck is a contract litigator for Hire Counsel, a services provider to law firms and government agencies. Karl Heideck handles every aspect of case, making him an example of precision and dedication.

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