Sussex Healthcare And CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor Set Standards For Senior Care

Sussex Healthcare offers exceptional services for senior living and care. There are currently 20 centers run by the Sussex organization. The company is independent and focuses its programs on seniors. However, others are welcome to its services. Clients with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia benefit by being able to maintain a dignified life as long as possible. Clients with neurological difficulties and learning disabilities can also receive expert care at Sussex.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is now the CEO of Sussex Healthcare. With her experience, contacts and business acumen, Sussex will continue to offer the very best in long-term health care. Amanda Morgan-Taylor arrives with a wealth of experience whereby she successfully managed healthcare organizations going through a transition. Her career took off in 1984 when she began working as a service manager. From there, her uphill climb came with a string of successes.

Sussex understands what good health means. Providing care for the essentials of life is an important element of healthcare for seniors. Sussex believes in treating the entire person. Practitioners train to work with clients to help them engage in dancing, crafts, cooking, and other things along with specified treatments. The goal is to keep them busy and engaged in things. Art therapy can also be an effective form of treatment.

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The programs at Sussex stem from the fact that they believe that seniors should enjoy a safe and comfortable life even when receiving treatments for a neurological disorder or dementia. Sussex provides an environment for the elderly to enhance the emotional, physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of their life through engaging activities and therapies.

Caring for dementia requires that patients become involved in a more active lifestyle. Some families can no longer provide the care these patients need to facilitate what patients needs at this juncture in life. As such, Sussex offers dementia training for everyone on staff. Employees are also encouraged to participate in on-going learning where they can continue to develop their knowledge and experience. Their approach to treating patients allows them to develop personal relationships with clients.

Sussex team members work with neurological patients in the same caring manner. Team members also train to work with speech, language, and physiotherapists to better help clients. Sussex employees commit themselves to work with medical specialists and consultants to provide the best treatments possible.


How Copa Star Hospital has Established Advanced Medical Services

Copa Star Hospital is leading healthcare facility that is located in Rio. The hospital was built in 2016, and it has gained global recognition due to the state-of-the-art amenities and medical services that it provides. The building of the facility has outstanding architectural designs that make it resemble a luxurious five-star hotel. Copa Star is dedicated to using top-notch technology, equipment, and machines that have ever been created in the healthcare industry. The hospital has made investments in medical amenities that allow it to offer excellent diagnosis and treatment services to the patients that it serves. The compound of the medical facility covers approximately 21,000 square meters. It has currently employed more than 550 professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the patients are served in a compassionate, personalized, and professional manner.

The hospital has managed to developed and excellent reputation in Rio De Janeiro and the rest of the world. It currently serves patients from all parts of the globe. Copa Star has about 113 doctor and nurses who are highly trained and have international accreditation. The facility has the most advanced infrastructure that has ever been established in any hospital in Rio. It boasts of highly sophisticated amenities that make it is a leader in luxury and technology. The environment that the hospital offers allows the patients to heal well since it is peaceful, friendly, and soothing. Visit their profile page at

Copa Star’s interior designs are also exclusive. The staff members and guests use separate hallways, and this makes it easy to move around since there is no congestion. The hospital has also installed the latest technology that allows it to offer comprehensive medical care to the patients that it has admitted. It has also invested in a computerized hospitality system that simplifies operations and communications between the healthcare professionals and the patients. The program ensures that the patients get medical attention whenever they need it.

The medical facility cost about $500 million to be completed. Approximately $400 million was invested in the development of the building and the compound while the remaining $100 million was used in purchasing the latest medical technology, equipment, and machines. The establishment of the medical center has enabled Rio de Janeiro to be recognized as one of the major cities in Brazil where people can access advanced healthcare services. Hospital Copa Star owns superior hybrids rooms that are used in conducting complex surgical procedures and also enable quick recovery of the patients.

The residents of Rio have been able to access advanced healthcare services such as cardiac and neurological surgeries. The medical facility accepts payments from insurances, and this makes it affordable to middle-class individuals. Copa Star strives to ensure that all the services that it provides meet the healthcare sector’s standards. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.