Betsy DeVos : The Face Of Change For American Schools

Betsy DeVos is a woman who is trying to make a difference in America. Since the start of her career, DeVos has actively been involved with improving the society, in particular, the educational system in the country. DeVos has always held that education is the key to development in the country, and therefore improvement of this can aid the growth of America as a whole. DeVos has worked alongside numerous different organizations and has helped several people grow and attain better standards of education to improve their talents. Up until the beginning of this year, DeVos headed Windquest Group as their Chief Executive Officer. Windquest Group was a company that aimed to establish clean and renewable energy and provides those to the people of America. However, in January of this year, DeVos was appointed as the new Education Minister of the United States of America. This position gave DeVos all the tools that she needed to be able to uplift the education system in the country and to aid its development. Visit:

One of the first movements that DeVos partook in was for the establishment of the school charter movement. The movement was one that stood for the grading of all schools in America. Betsy, being a mother herself realized that most parents don’t send their kids to good schools solely because they don’t have the knowledge regarding the quality of education that is received in those schools. Though schools all over the country follow the same syllabus, some factors affect the overall development that happens to the child. By making schools undergo rigorous tests and grading them accordingly, parents will be able to analyze which schools are better for their child’s growth and development.

She also fought for the School Vouchers Movement which was aimed towards the use of taxpayers funds for improving the system of education in the country. DeVos believes that every child in the country should have access to high quality of education and therefore the government must make more efforts towards achieving that. She believes that by letting private organizations take over public schools, the quality of education can also be increased.

To help out and contribute even more to society, DeVos started up her foundation alongside her husband, Dick DeVos. The organization was called The DeVos Family Foundation and worked towards providing scholarships and funds to deserving students and organizations. Through the foundation, Betsy DeVos has benefitted many children’s lives, especially the ones coming from underprivileged backgrounds. She regularly provides aid to children to show exemplary skill in their academics and extracurricular activities and encourages them to use these scholarships to go on and seek a higher level of education so that they can improve their skills more. Visit to know more about their foundation.