The Brown Agency Launches Dual Modeling Agency

The Brown Agency has revamped their former talent scout and modeling agency to introduce a new meeting place and dual professional assistance. Ironically, their former agency under Heyman Talent-South they implemented a wonderful program, but Wilhelmina has now taken over to relaunch with unmatched talent scouting and professional modeling contacts. They have a professional partnership with many big names in the industry. Brown remains one of the most popular such agencies in Austin and surrounding areas. Joining forces has allowed Brown and Wilhelmina to work together to form the largest modeling and scout agency in Austin.


They will remain headquartered in Austin and use their combined skills to help thousands of people to connect with a unique job opportunity. You’ll have the opportunity for a broader portfolio and work with professional clients. Their contracts are not limited to Austin and stretches all across the country. In fact, Brown-Wilhelmina continue to be one of the largest talent networks. Get the benefit of working with a scout willing to work with talent of all ages. They also want their partners to know they will have professional and dependable talent while working with their models. Enjoy a wonderful full-service agency at your discretion to enhance your talent.



They also have a theatrical division working directly with the Brown Agency. Their acting talent pool is one of the largest in the South. Michael Bonnee, founder of the division will continue to this division. They strive to represent the top talent in the South. Clients never have to worry about an unprofessional work environment, cold professional leads, and unreasonable costs. Their combined effort makes it exciting for everyone directly involved. Enjoy getting sent on the industry’s top jobs or having clients who fit your specific look. Justin Brown, CEO of the Brown Agency has said; they’ve exceeded the network by relaunching their design and program model.


You’re invited to do an online search or visit to learn more about the new and improved Brown-Wilhelmina. You can also speak to one of their friendly customer service professionals on scheduling a tour of their new and renovated talent and modeling facility

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Succeeds As CEO And President Of Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the current President and CEO of Bradesco Bank in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had worked as the CEO of the company since 2009 when he was first elected as the head of all operations in all branches.

Since then, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has worked towards better business values to place Bradesco Bank at the top of the industrial banks in the country, his animated solutions have gone a long way in developing better business companies achieve their independent capabilities as a way of assimilating better business values. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also one of the most sought people in the management of the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was also recognized as one of the best entrepreneurs of the year 2015. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has always satisfied his market and clients with expected solutions for every problem facing his clients in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why he has amassed a great amount of wealth solving the problems facing his clients in the business world. Luiz Carlos Trabuco also helped Bradesco Bank make one of its biggest decisions to purchase HSBC branch that is expected to propel its business forward. This is perhaps the reason why he has assimilated working solutions in the industry.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi entered the service of the bank at the age of 18. During that time, he was inexperienced to solve major problems facing clients in the industry. For this reason, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked as a clerical officer at the main branch of Bradesco Bank in Sao Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked to become one of the most adopted clerical officers in the bank due to his activation procedures to achieve better business values. In the end, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi finished 16 years of service as a clerical officer before he went for further studies.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi pursued his bachelor’s degree from the University of Sao Paulo and graduated with the highest honors in Finance after four years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went in for a master’s degree in Finance to graduate after two years of solid educational experience before he came back to Bradesco Bank.


Goettl Air Conditioning Company Continues to Expand in Local and International Markets

America experiences varying weather and climatic conditions all year round, ranging from hot summers to cold winters. This necessitates heating and cooling systems that are efficient to assure comfort in homes. Goettl, a HVAC company, is a leading air conditioning service provider in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. According to Phoenix Business Journal, Goettl has announced the acquisition of a family-owned HVAC company Walton’s Heating and Air conditioning based in southern California. This is with respect to Goettl’s move to spread its reach and expand its business. Ken Goodrich paid undisclosed fee to complete the lucrative deal in mid 2015.

Mr. Longbrake, the owner of Walton’s, agreed to the deal because of positive inferences and ambitions of Goettl’s proprietor. Walton’s is a company that had stagnated for a while but its acquisition is bound to turn things around and steer growth. Goettl has reportedly retained Mr. Longbrake as Walton’s sales manager and field supervisor. This is a strategic move to retain not only the already established good will and customer base but also sharpened expertise of grounded employees. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Goettl currently has a total of 306 employees following the expansion creating more opportunities for its members. The employees recruited are highly skilled, continuously trained and are ‘Sadie certified’ to provide over the top services. Employee reviews reveal that the Company caters for its employee’s welfare and motivation by offering promotions, bonuses, incentives, training and development opportunities among other benefits. Walton’s acquisition will see an additional 200 employees.

Being a pioneer in HVAC industry, Goettl is a pace setter for many companies. It is flexible and keeps up with current technological advancements, skills and workforce required. It continually rolls out creative innovations for use in the sector like pioneering the mass production of evaporative coolers. Goettl is a reputed, accredited and trusted brand that is set out to achieve long-term goals of being national brand in HAVC industry. The company has continually stayed on top of the fierce industry competition.

Goettl has operated since 1939 and is currently directed by its owner Ken Goodrich. He has established customer oriented initiatives by ensuring quality service provision as well as local community engagement in his businesses. He has initiated charitable derivatives in the Company like the annual drive that delivers 50,000 liters of water to the local communities. His hard work and total commitment has equally enabled Goettl to make significant expansion in Europe and Asia.


Daniel Taub: A Renowned Ambassador of Israel to the St. James Court

During a meeting that Daniel Taub met the queen for the first time, he had the chance to present his qualifications. Not only did he offer the credentials in the form of paper, but also bowed his head as the new Ambassador of Israel to the St James Court.

Moreover, an additional statement was generated of how Daniel Taub was dressed. He was arrayed in a morning tailcoat, trousers that were stripped, and his magnificently shining black shoe. Also, the new cut he had on his grey hair can be counted as another badge of his office.

Daniel Taub was born in Britain back in 1962. He stands among the country’s leading diplomat though none of his beliefs and practice is expected to change as an Orthodox. During his return to Israel, it was so clear of who he met with during his period at work.

The queen of Britain was also asserted when she gave him the right to change his citizenship and go back to the country where he had immigrated for less than 30 years.

Daniel Taub has been in the midst of Israel crises by presenting their case to the government and bearing a full representation of the state in media. For Daniel Taub, it has been his joy to see good relations develop between the United Kingdom and Israel.

According to the Israel nation, Britain is not only a historic country to them but also plays a very central role for them. Britain has helped majorly in the world media. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

It can also be termed as a financial center. As the Middle East is going through drastic changes, there is strive for every country to be part of the dialogue of how they can stay on the same page. Daniel Taub has also been on the forefront to ask ambassadors the same question every day.

He has sacrificed all his time in the job trying to bring into the spotlight of where the Israeli people are and facts about their leadership. Even though numerous discussions have been done about it, no serious problem has occurred according to him.

Daniel advocates for a particular type of humility around the region. It can quickly help in dictating the kind of challenge that is in sight.

Daniel champions for specific aspects that are important for the Israeli people and how they can be influenced. A new phase has been created too after an agreement on nuclear capabilities with Iran. Many people are worried if the country fails to stick to the agreement, the implications that could follow are costly.

On the contrary, positivism has also been seen in this case. There will be a surprising resilience agreements with Egypt and Jordan which has thrived remarkably and an alignment of interest between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Gulf states.

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The Chronicles of Roberto Santiago

Everyone loves a story of a hero. The struggles they go through to accomplish their goals, their strategies, the dream they had is what encourages us to keep pressing on to succeed. The chronicles of Roberto Santiago of the Manaira mall is one of the heroic stories every entrepreneur want to read for inspiration.

Roberto Santiago is one of the most featured business person in Brazil. Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958, where he grew up. He attended Pio X-Marist College. Santiago also acquired a degree in Business Administration in University Center of Joao Pessoa. The degree was to give him the knowledge on how to run a business. Currently, Santiago is the owner of the biggest mall in Brazil. The mall is located in Joao Pessoa. “The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall’’ is named after him.

Santiago had it all planned out. He bought the piece of land to set up the mall in 1987.By 1989, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall was complete. This was a life changer for the residents of Joao Pessoa. Under the mall are medical health centers, banks, colleges and other social amenities. All your needs can be fulfilled under the Manaira mall.

The best project of the Manaira mall is the Domus Hall. The hall can hold a total of 10000 people. The air conditioning is perfect to ensure that it’s conducive for everyone. A lot of effort was invested in designing the mall. This was to make sure that during the concerts, everyone got a clear view. The sound range and audibility are also perfect. Watching a movie here gives you a chance to be in the scene with the actor.

Besides the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall being an entertainment center, it has also improved the economic level of the area. This is because the good infrastructure and the development have attracted investors. The many business setups have led to competition. The community is, therefore, enjoying a variety of products to choose from in their shopping. It is up to every manufacturer to produce quality products too much the competition.

Roberto Santiago’s mall has also increased the employment chances for the residents. This has improved the living standards of the inhabitants. Unemployment is a global problem, and this is, therefore, a great gift to the community.

The investors are also lucky because of the flowing labor. Labor is one of the most vital factors of production. The mall has attracted specialized labor that the investors utilize to boost their business.

Final Verdict

The Roberto Santiago project has improved life and spiced life for the community. Everyone is a beneficiary of the project.

Entrepreneurs should follow his example by ensuring their projects benefit the occupants as well.


Cameron Clokie Advises on Dental Care When Traveling

When health related information is given by a non-medical professional, people tend to disqualify it. When provided by a professional, who has had first-hand experience with patients, people believe it. The information becomes reliable.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and a businessman. He has spent over 30 years practicing academic and clinical dentistry and is with no doubt very qualified to give advice on dental care.

When traveling far or just within your country, Dr. Cameron advises that you take your time to pack two extra pairs of toothbrushes and toothpaste. Ensure that the different brushes are in different bags if possible. He suggests that if possible, you should carry a toothbrush in your pocket for convenience sake.

It is also worth to remember that your mouth has the much-needed bacteria and adding more is only harmful to your health. Thus, always keep your toothbrushes dry to prevent a bacterial infection while you are away from home.

According to Cameron, you should also pack other dental health accessories such as dental floss and mouthwash. You may find yourself in a place with no clean water to brush and the accessories will step in big time.

Carrying a pack of sugarless gum that is flavored with Xylitol is also an excellent tip that will save your teeth when you are in no position to brush. Chewing sugarless gum enhances the flow of saliva, thus cleansing your teeth naturally. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling and Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

Once you get to your destination, take some time and study the area. Take note of some stores from which you can find good dental care products, just in case you misplaced yours.

Carrying your clean water is a right move. Some countries do not have clean, drinkable tap water and using such water to brush will only do more harm than good. The same case applies to food. Choose eateries that are clean, lest you introduce more bacteria to your mouth.

Crunchbase revealed that Dr. Cameroon is a businessman who has invested in the field of regenerative medicine. As an entrepreneur, he is the CEO of Induce Biologics.

Cameron served as a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto until 2017 when he recently retired. He has authored many papers and publications on bone regenerative medicine.

Todd Lubar Outstanding Success in Business

Todd Lubar is one of only a handful couple of rich people whose example of overcoming adversity reverberates well with the vast majority. According to, from a minor credit originator at Crestar Mortgage, Todd has possessed the capacity to utilize each open door he considered fit to dispatch his fruitful vocation at TDL Global Ventures. On paper, this may appear to be simple, be that as it may, in all actuality, the inverse is valid.

Mr. Todd Lubar is alum of Speech and Communications from Syracuse University. Subsequent to moving on from school in 1995, Todd Lubar was first utilized by Crestar Mortgage to act as a credit originator. Apparently, it is this position introduced. Todd is into the land business. Amid his four years term at the association, Todd was praiseworthy in his profession associating with the business players and customers. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Todd Lubar grabbed the open door and embraced Legacy Economic gathering in Texas. Here, Todd’s set of working responsibilities was to offer advances to land speculators. Through this road, Todd could grow his administrations by offering outside advance administrations to his customers. His chance at the organization helped them develop their advances figures to several millions yearly.

With no less than eight years of involvement in the land business, Todd Lubar chose to hazard and wander into the property showcase without anyone else. In 2002, he could join his own particular land advancement firm known as Legendary Properties, LLC. On account of the quite a long while of experience and systems he had made amid his developmental years in the business, Todd could construct his business to a multi-million dollar venture. Todd could shape association and affiliations that would see his land organization offer exhaustive administrations to his customers.

To a great many people and all the more so youthful land financial specialists, Todd Lubar is described by Patch as a consolation and a good example. One point that distinctively helped Todd make this progress was his attention on addressing the requirements of his customers instead of augmenting benefits. Once the customers are fulfilled and placated with the items, naturally enhanced benefits will be figured it out. Right now, Lubar resides in Orange County, CA, and dependably appreciates being in the organization of his significant other and children.


Vijay Eswaran Partnered With His Friend, Joseph Bismark, To Found QI Group

QI Group is a renowned direct selling corporation. Today, the company has vast business interest in different industries. QI Group has been investing in education, training, logistics, telecommunications as well as development of property, management of conferences, luxury and lifestyle. Vijay was born in Malaysia over fifty years ago. The shrewd entrepreneur went abroad to pursue his higher education.

To this end, he enrolled in the renowned London School of Economics where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in socio-economics.

While still in the United Kingdom, Vijay pursued a professional course undertaken by management accountants known as CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

Later, he flew to the United States where he joined the esteemed Southern Illinois University to undertake his MBA. While he was working, a friend told him about a new model of marketing known as multi-level marketing (MLM). Eswaran was interested in this unique approach of promoting products through networks. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies and Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

After staying abroad for a long period, he deemed it fit to return home and venture into entrepreneurship. It was not long before Cosway’s, a successful MLM corporation, enlisted his services. At the company, Vijay was mandated with the duty of enhancing its operations.

When he returned to Malaysia, Asia was slowly recovering from the severe economic crisis. This way, Eswaran did not have friends or adequate capital to incorporate his business. However, he contends that he was lucky to find like-minded partners such as Joseph Bismark. Vijay and Joseph have been good friends for over two decades.

Notably, Vijay is a public speaker. Over the years, he has been attending different institutions of higher learning and forums where he shares his motivational speeches with the audiences. In addition, Eswaran has shared different stages with renowned personalities.

The executive posits that he started publishing books with the objective of reaching a wider audience. Eswaran has published “18 Stepping Stones,” “In the Sphere of Silence,” “On the Wings of Thought” and “In the Thinking Zone.” He has also been contributing to various newspaper columns in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Vijay is affiliated with the Council of the Quest International University of Malaysia where here served as the chairman of the board. Presently, he sits on the boards of the Global Business Council and Corporate Malaysia Roundtable.

How Officers Use Securus Technologies in the Prison

Me and my team of corrections officers rely on each other to not only keep us safe, but to protect every inmate, staff member, and visitor in our prison. Being in such close quarters with inmates who severely outnumber us, if we let down our guard for even a few seconds, we could be put in a very dangerous situation. Not only do most of the inmates have it out for authority, add into the mix weapons and drugs, and you make a dangerous situation deadly.


Each day we are working hard to maintain order and safety inside the jail. We start by taking the time every day visitors come into the prison to check them for any contraband they might be passing to the inmates. We check the inmates before they can get back to their cells, and we even check their cells randomly throughout the day. We have a team that check inmate’s mail and we even will monitor the calls they make while inside the jail. The company that installed our inmate call monitoring system, Securus Technologies, has been instrumental in helping officers to make life safer for all behind prison walls.


The company is based out of Dallas, has 1,000 employees, and their CEO, Richard Smith, says Securus Technologies is dedicated to making the planet safer. When you have these monitoring systems in over 2,500 jails, you are doing something right. The LBS software enables my team to be able to isolate conversations the inmates are having about drug use in their cells, getting drugs from the outside, and where they can hide the drugs to keep it safe.


Each day we are able to use the call monitoring system to detect chatter on weapons or drugs, then take immediate action before the incidence becomes a problem.


How Logan Moved From Being A Star Baseball Athlete To A Successful Entrepreneur At ID Life

Winning has defined Logan Stout’s life since when he was young. As a young boy growing up in Richardson, TX, Logan was always finding new and unique ways of winning in the classroom and sports. His passion for sports also started early since as a youngster; Logan was possessed with baseball and basketball. His outstanding performance in sports saw him lead various high school sports clubs at J.J Pearce High School. He even earned the title of an MVP in basketball during both his junior and senior basketball sessions.

After high school, Logan enrolled to Panola for a degree in business. He also pursued a degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. It was while in College that Logan decided to settle for baseball. His talent in the sport saw him achieve a lot during his time in the field. Logan was awarded various prestigious awards and titles in College baseball. By the time he graduated, he had participated in 17 World Series events as either a player or as a coach in the game. Logan states that some of his best memories in the game were while coaching aspiring baseball athletes.

After graduation, Logan continued to coach and play baseball. His experience in the game saw him initiate the Dallas Patriots to support upcoming baseball talent. Logan has also authored and published articles that appeared in various sports magazines. He also attended numerous TV and radio interviews. After success in being a sportsman, a coach, and minister, Logan decided to venture into entrepreneurship. His love for sports and healthy living drove him to start ID life in the year 2014. ID life is a leading physical health and fitness company. It deals with health care products, such as energy supplements, sleep strips, shakes, and weight management pills.

About ID life

ID Life is a reputable health and wellness company. It was founded by Logan stout in the year 2014 and is based in Frisco Texas. Within only two years, the company has emerged to be a leader in health, wellness, and nutrition. It develops and sells a broad range of high-quality products aimed at optimizing fitness and wellness. ID Life’s line of nutritious products is made from the finest ingredients in the industry.

ID Life embraces science and research in the product development process. This ensures that it offers safe and biologically tested products. It develops and markets a wide range of products, ranging from weight management pills to energy supplements. An experienced team of specialists guides the customer towards making the right choice.

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