Drone Detection By Securus Deters Facility Crime

Drone detection technology is a simple, but effective way for a correctional facility to minimize the threat of contraband through drone activity. Drones are hard for facilities to detect and are responsible for a large amount of contraband that now has the potential to invade a facility. Securus Technologies masterminded the technology and will control the device from their base quarters. Without the need of additional facility support the new Securus technology will reduce crime in some of the toughest prisons nationwide. When it comes to crime prevention, Securus continues to be the leaders with advance technology solutions to combat telecommunication crime.


Securus Technologies; Leadership


Many Securus Technologies executives, professionals, and IT professionals have planned a role in the success of the Securus Technologies inmate calling network. However, their CEO, Rick A. Smith, stands behind any iniative for Securus to continue crime prevention beyond incarceration and continue to actively support the safety of the general public. Their surveillance and monitoring tools have long been used to monitor other networks and continues to be used as a part of their superior inmate calling network. You’re invited to visit their website portal for many descriptive feature tabs to save money on inmate calling, today.


Recent Securus Technologies News


There is now prompt payment processing technology available through Securus. Their new GovPayNet partnership means, you’ll get your payments processed in 1 to 24 hours. GovPayNet serves as one of the largest government debit and credit card processing networks. The estimated worth of the deal continues to go undisclosed, but has been reported by Business Newswire as a successful deal for all parties involved. Trust the valuable Securus Technologies network to provide features and services unmatched by their competitors. In fact, their technology at Securus, protects your financial information overt an encrypted network.


Securus; Preferred Services


You have the option of many features and services available on the technologically sound Securus web portal. Their website directs you to many important features and services including remote visitation online or bundles of stamps at a reasonable rate. You can easily purchase features from their web portal with a valid payment method. Most of their features require their customers be eighteen years of age or older and you must have a valid payment method to order features and services. Their interactive web portal has allowed them to become one of the largest inmate calling networks nationwide. Their customers have also participated in theist crime prevention program by leaving their comments in their forum or reporting them confidentially online.


Join the popular Securus group and stay connected to your friends and family in a correctional institution. Thousands of customers currently stay connected to an inmate with Securus.


DrSamadi’s contribution to robotics Surgery and urology

Since 2013, DrSamadi has been the Chief of Robotic Surgery of Urology and the chief of Urology Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a graduate of Stony Brook School of Medicine, New York where he qualified as an MD. He later went to Montefiore Medical Center to achieve his residency in surgery in 1996 and specialized in urology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2000. Following his great achievements in school, he got a fellowship in 2001 from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in urology oncology. For robotics surgery he got a fellowship from Henri Mondor Hospital in 2002. His impressive education background has given him the qualifications to hold the prestigious position he is in.

Being an expert in robotic surgery, DrSamadi gives lectures to his colleagues on the same. He has written several articles that help shed light on grey areas in robotic surgery. He also is the founder of and Director of Mount Sinai’s Robotic Fellowship Program. His expertise and efforts to further the practise of robotics surgery saw him be named as one of the best doctors in New York Magazine 2009 issue. His desire to share information with his colleagues and other interested parties in urology and robotics surgery, DrSamadi shares his views and expertise on DrSamadi TV.

One thing that keeps DrSamadi ahead in his field is his innovation. Having had years of experience as a surgeon, he came up with a surgical procedure that helps solve some of the challenges he has faced in the operating room. His new procedure, SMART, helps minimize pain and bleeding during the surgical process. This enables his patients to make quick recoveries and minimize the number of transfusions needed during the operation. This is achieved by avoiding incision and instead making only six small instrumental holes. When operating, DrSamadi does not open the side of the prostate and suture the dorsal vein complex. This helps avoid damaging the sphincter, nerves and tissues. The SMART procedure has intrigued the interest of many surgeons and received many positive complements.

DrSamadi’s insistence on none invasive methods to do his surgeries is for the patient’s benefit. By doing this, he has seen his patients get discharged 24 hours after the surgery. Most of his patients make full recovery in a shorter amount of time compared to those who go through more invasive procedures.


Sussex Healthcare And CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor Set Standards For Senior Care

Sussex Healthcare offers exceptional services for senior living and care. There are currently 20 centers run by the Sussex organization. The company is independent and focuses its programs on seniors. However, others are welcome to its services. Clients with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia benefit by being able to maintain a dignified life as long as possible. Clients with neurological difficulties and learning disabilities can also receive expert care at Sussex.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is now the CEO of Sussex Healthcare. With her experience, contacts and business acumen, Sussex will continue to offer the very best in long-term health care. Amanda Morgan-Taylor arrives with a wealth of experience whereby she successfully managed healthcare organizations going through a transition. Her career took off in 1984 when she began working as a service manager. From there, her uphill climb came with a string of successes.

Sussex understands what good health means. Providing care for the essentials of life is an important element of healthcare for seniors. Sussex believes in treating the entire person. Practitioners train to work with clients to help them engage in dancing, crafts, cooking, and other things along with specified treatments. The goal is to keep them busy and engaged in things. Art therapy can also be an effective form of treatment.

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The programs at Sussex stem from the fact that they believe that seniors should enjoy a safe and comfortable life even when receiving treatments for a neurological disorder or dementia. Sussex provides an environment for the elderly to enhance the emotional, physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of their life through engaging activities and therapies.

Caring for dementia requires that patients become involved in a more active lifestyle. Some families can no longer provide the care these patients need to facilitate what patients needs at this juncture in life. As such, Sussex offers dementia training for everyone on staff. Employees are also encouraged to participate in on-going learning where they can continue to develop their knowledge and experience. Their approach to treating patients allows them to develop personal relationships with clients.

Sussex team members work with neurological patients in the same caring manner. Team members also train to work with speech, language, and physiotherapists to better help clients. Sussex employees commit themselves to work with medical specialists and consultants to provide the best treatments possible.

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