Securus Technologies Juggling Expansions and New Product Releases

Securus Technologies has gained a significant amount of momentum as the Dallas-based company has been completing one successful acquisition after another. The company has also been maintaining a favorable reputation among its client despite the diverse audiences of the Texan business.


Securus Technologies develops tech solutions and software pertaining to the correctional industry, public safety, and the inmate communication business. The corporation started working in 1986, serving Texas and Georgia predominantly. Now, Securus Technologies is available across the United States of America and in Southern Canada.


Two of the latest additions to the business and services of Securus Technologies have been the GovNetPay payment processor and the global JPay, Inc. When the latter was acquired Securus Technologies was confident that JPay Inc. would make a plentiful addition to the business. Securus Technologies is now able to accommodate 40 million transfers with ease thanks to the powerful and reliable platform of the JPay Inc. In Addition to that, the GovNetPay processor enables them to achieve that with ease and go over that number in a year.


Securus Technologies is known for its skillful expansion planning. The corporation has stated many times that it has extensive plans for its growth and so far the company has been able to achieve both its growth and the steady development and release of products to the markets it serves.


Last year, Securus Technologies released a product for wireless containment. The system prevents unauthorized connections to the wireless internet from within prison walls. The product came from the growing demand for limiting the incident of inmates going live on social media platforms.


Later in the year, Securus Technologies put out another product, again for the correctional industry. It as a digital platform developed in partnership with JPay Inc. after the acquisition as complete.

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