Securus Technologies Juggling Expansions and New Product Releases

Securus Technologies has gained a significant amount of momentum as the Dallas-based company has been completing one successful acquisition after another. The company has also been maintaining a favorable reputation among its client despite the diverse audiences of the Texan business.


Securus Technologies develops tech solutions and software pertaining to the correctional industry, public safety, and the inmate communication business. The corporation started working in 1986, serving Texas and Georgia predominantly. Now, Securus Technologies is available across the United States of America and in Southern Canada.


Two of the latest additions to the business and services of Securus Technologies have been the GovNetPay payment processor and the global JPay, Inc. When the latter was acquired Securus Technologies was confident that JPay Inc. would make a plentiful addition to the business. Securus Technologies is now able to accommodate 40 million transfers with ease thanks to the powerful and reliable platform of the JPay Inc. In Addition to that, the GovNetPay processor enables them to achieve that with ease and go over that number in a year.


Securus Technologies is known for its skillful expansion planning. The corporation has stated many times that it has extensive plans for its growth and so far the company has been able to achieve both its growth and the steady development and release of products to the markets it serves.


Last year, Securus Technologies released a product for wireless containment. The system prevents unauthorized connections to the wireless internet from within prison walls. The product came from the growing demand for limiting the incident of inmates going live on social media platforms.


Later in the year, Securus Technologies put out another product, again for the correctional industry. It as a digital platform developed in partnership with JPay Inc. after the acquisition as complete.

Brown Modeling Agency producing the next up and coming stars

Brown Modeling Agency was acquired by Wilhelmina Austin; it was previously called Heyman-Talent-South and was re-launched. these are the two largest talent agencies, and combining both agencies gives them leverage. Making The Brown Agency the only full-service talent agency in Austin, and one of few in the state of Texas.


Justin Brown is the head of Wilhelmina, and launched in 2010 in Austin. It is recognized as the most respected agency in central Texas for modeling. Meanwhile, the past Heyman Talent-South was building its success as the best acting talent in Austin. When they combined both companies and rebranded as The Brown Modeling Agency, it gave their clients a broader list of experienced talent, and gave the talent better opportunities all around the county.


The Brown Agency will have it’s headquarters in Austin, with offices in Dallas and in Los Angeles. Justin Brown will be the CEO and president of The Brown Agency, while Michael B. Bonnee the founder of Heyman Talent-South, will lead the theatrical division of The Brown Agency. Talent from The Brown Agency, will be exposed to some of the biggest named brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal and many more. Both Justin and Michael have shown support of this merger, and couldn’t be happier because it gives their talent an exciting opportunity.


According to Market Wired, Justin Brown started modeling in college, and learned that he loved what went on behind the scenes. A position known as development and placement. He trained models to be pro’s, and placed them or helped them graduate. He is doing the same thing with The Brown Agency. Justin and the staff have helped over 450 talents grow in their craft and opportunities.


They take such pride in the work they do, from the photo’s they take to the casting’s they send talents to. All together they have placed around 20-30% of the talent they get, which is high for the industry. He says that their main job is to “manage expectations.” And that “You can’t make promises that you can’t keep.” In Texas there is room for everybody, some areas want conservative while other places want tattoo’s, funky hair etc. The future of The Brown Agency looks bright and Justin can’t wait to see what’s next.



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Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

Personalized vending is the era of the future. The enterprise Sentient AI has advanced the disruptive platform that’s making headlines in the corporate landscape. They have helped retail behemoths grow their conversion rates more than 33%. The algorithm is so alive that it nearly appears smarter than the average human. Sentient AI teamed up with Ascend to create this revolutionary new software program and the organizations that have already carried it out are before of the rest of the marketplace. Some worry that the algorithms are taking up jobs and they worry that the software will take work from human beings. However, the software was designed to make humans’ jobs less difficult now not to replace workers.

The personalized merchandising device is one of the most useful functions of Sentient AI’s software program. The personalized system works by means of presenting customers with the right merchandise they want on the right time they may be looking for them. It has given human beings greater time to keep shopping and has given entrepreneurs extra time to create new commercials. Indeed, the time that marketers currently spend on responsibilities like reading reports and calculating conversion is time that might be spent developing. Sentient AI enables marketers by using a couple of inputs at a time and calculating all the essential metrics. It will observe your customers and record their conduct in every step of your conversion pipeline.

While web developers and entrepreneurs need to decide on which kind of advert might be the most beneficial for a certain campaign they frequently engage in multiple stages of testing. Doing this with speed is only possible with Sentient AI. The algorithm will soak up all of the inputs that groups have designed and it’ll test them out in generations. The elements that perform will evolve into the final production. As soon as Sentient AI has finished testing you may have an internet site this is perfectly optimized for earnings!

Each page may be individually targeted for your clients’ precise tastes. By means of using Sentient AI personalized merchandising you could aim for your client through their interests. Each time they search for a product or they observe a page on your website they will be presented with something that relates to that interest. They’ll then be allowed to shop for the item they had been searching for much faster. This device of individual advertising makes the purchaser experience like your web page is perfect for them. Learn more about Sentient at Crunchbase.

Is Dallas The Brazilian Butt Lift Mecca

If you’ve ever been to Dallas, Texas, then you’re probably aware that this city has a lot of medical institutions. Did you know that cosmetic surgery is rather huge in Texas? That’s right! The affluent city of Dallas has no shortage of cosmetic surgeons and many of them specialize in butt lift procedures. If you’re contemplating on getting a butt lift, the very first thing that you should be doing is gathering information. This will give you a better understanding of the procedure and for what you can expect after the procedure. Next, you should consult with many cosmetic surgeons. Once you find the one that you personally like, schedule an appointment in which you can ask the surgeon of his capabilities or to inquire about his resume.

The Brazilian butt lift can definitely bring your bum back to life. One of the best things about this specific procedure is that it’s noninvasive. Small incisions will be made and then the liposuction process will begin. Fat will be transferred from one body part to the next. Brazilian butt lifts are designed to create a perkier bum. Some people tend to get a butt lift in combination with another medical procedures. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Some things to consider is:

  • You shouldn’t be considering losing any weight around this time
  • You’ll need to stop smoking
  • Avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol
  • You should have a stable body weight
  • And more

Yes, there are many more things that must be considered before this surgery will ever take place. Healing times can vary from person to person, but four weeks is the estimated average timeframe. Wearing your compression garment is a must and there shouldn’t be any physical activities from the patient. In due time, you’ll have a nicer, more rounder buttocks that’ll grab the attention of onlookers.