Kindess, Compassion & Experience; Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

There are many reasons that we consult with a cosmetic surgeon about the different avenues available to alter the shape of our bodies or our faces. Sometimes we have had a lifelong battle with how our nose or breasts appear or perhaps the rear end seems to be not what you want.


One of the most important things to keep in mind whenever considering any form of plastic surgery is to always keep a realistic expectation of what can be done within the realm of cosmetic surgery. The best way to do this is to make sure you consult with your cosmetic surgeon thoroughly.


Another aspect of cosmetic surgery to always keep in mind is the risks that are associated with any procedure and what steps can be taken, both from you as well as by your surgeon, to minimize these risks as much as possible.


One of the most highly skilled in the business of plastic surgery is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, his meticulous attention to detail paired with his natural compassion has allowed him to successfully deliver the highest quality results for all of his patients.

Dr. Jejurikar attended the University of Michigan Medical Schools and it was there that he discovered his interest in pursuing a career in the field of plastic surgery. He completed his plastic surgery residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Medical Centers.


Dr. jejurikar studies and keeps himself abreast of all of the innovations and new techniques for all of his procedures, specializing in the face, eyes, nose, mouth and breast as well as the buttocks. Every precaution is taken to ensure the highest level of safety for each of his patients on every procedure.


Not only has his skill and attention to detail proven to be of the highest quality but his compassionate nature and ability to communicate with his patients has enabled him to be awarded with the very prestigious award, the Compassionate Doctor Certificate, an honor that roughly 3% of physicians in the nation are awarded.

About Our Practice

In addition to his work in and around Dallas, Texas, Dr. Jejurikar also frequently travels abroad on medical missions such as his annual work with the organization, Smile Bangladesh, and their work to bring much needed medical care to impoverished children in Bangladesh.


How Does Samuel Strauch Deliver Better Real Estate Advice?

Samuel Strauch knows how to deliver the real estate advice that people need with his massive education and experience. He has given people things that will make them much better at making money in the field, and he has done a lot of work in the field to be sure that he knows just what to tell people when they are trying to make money like he does. He has figured out the best way to work in the real estate field in south Florida, and he also knows how much easier it is for people to make money in this field.

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He was educated at Hofstra and Harvard, and he has been in south Florida since coming to work with his family’s firm. He started his own company at Metrik Real Estate to make sure that he could invest in the field in his own way. He helps a lot of clients make sure that they will invest their money in the right way, and he also makes sure that people who are investing their money are doing so with an eye on the international markets.

He has worked in South America, and he has been educated in Europe. Samuel Strauch is very good at what he does because he knows how to help people work in any area of the world in this same industry. It is very simple for him to make money, and he is happy to dispense advice on making money in Miami on real estate.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Makes Great Strides Again!

In an online corporate broadcast held in the summer of 2017, Bob Reina introduced a newly enhanced computer program for Live Meetings. He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the company which introduced Live Meetings to the market.


New Edition of Live Meetings is Now Available


The new version of the Live Meetings program uses WebRTC (Real Time Communications) technology and features an upgraded interface. It is a computer program in which users can utilize real-time communications in the form of video-based conferences, presentations or meetings. One of the many popular features of the prigram is that it allows up to 15 hosts or presenters and up to 500 guests to participate. The users can participate on their choice of a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.


The new enhanced version of Live Meetings virtually eliminates the need to use any third party plugins such as Adobe Flash Player. No other downloads are required. It allows users to simply enter the program using their web browsers, which makes it even easier and more convenient to access Live Meetings.


More About Bob Reina and Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a global video marketing company with headquarters in Brandon, Florida. The owner of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is a native Floridian, an ex-policeman and a star in the media. He has tremendous insight about the future of video marketing trends and

solutions. Bob Reina has authored many articles and he has also presented more than 100 video presentations that both educate and motivate others. Mr. Reina is a gifted entrepreneur who has taken Talk Fusion to the point where it is now as one of the leading video marketing companies. Learn more: