The Brown Agency Launches Dual Modeling Agency

The Brown Agency has revamped their former talent scout and modeling agency to introduce a new meeting place and dual professional assistance. Ironically, their former agency under Heyman Talent-South they implemented a wonderful program, but Wilhelmina has now taken over to relaunch with unmatched talent scouting and professional modeling contacts. They have a professional partnership with many big names in the industry. Brown remains one of the most popular such agencies in Austin and surrounding areas. Joining forces has allowed Brown and Wilhelmina to work together to form the largest modeling and scout agency in Austin.


They will remain headquartered in Austin and use their combined skills to help thousands of people to connect with a unique job opportunity. You’ll have the opportunity for a broader portfolio and work with professional clients. Their contracts are not limited to Austin and stretches all across the country. In fact, Brown-Wilhelmina continue to be one of the largest talent networks. Get the benefit of working with a scout willing to work with talent of all ages. They also want their partners to know they will have professional and dependable talent while working with their models. Enjoy a wonderful full-service agency at your discretion to enhance your talent.



They also have a theatrical division working directly with the Brown Agency. Their acting talent pool is one of the largest in the South. Michael Bonnee, founder of the division will continue to this division. They strive to represent the top talent in the South. Clients never have to worry about an unprofessional work environment, cold professional leads, and unreasonable costs. Their combined effort makes it exciting for everyone directly involved. Enjoy getting sent on the industry’s top jobs or having clients who fit your specific look. Justin Brown, CEO of the Brown Agency has said; they’ve exceeded the network by relaunching their design and program model.


You’re invited to do an online search or visit to learn more about the new and improved Brown-Wilhelmina. You can also speak to one of their friendly customer service professionals on scheduling a tour of their new and renovated talent and modeling facility

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