Why Oncotarget Is the Go-to Source of Information for Most Medical Researchers

Oncotarget is an online medical journal that was started in 2010 to enlighten the public on various things to do with oncology. Impact Journals are the publishers of the journal. It is peer reviewed, and the information provided in the papers published is accurate and of very high quality. The journal’s quality standards are upheld by their team of editors which is led by Mikhail Blagosklonny. They review the articles sent by authors, check if the references are credible, and recommend changes to be made so that the end product is a quality article that will be of help to the readers. Oncotarget publishes twice weekly.

It used to publish only once a week but due to demand, it increased the frequency to two times a week. The articles published are used by different groups of people including students and other researchers. The main focus of the journal is on oncology, and initially, they only published articles on various aspects of oncology. But today, Oncotarget publishes articles on various fields of medicine including neuroscience, metabolism, cardiology, pharmacology and cell biology among others.The journal is free and accessible to anyone who is interested, and the papers published can be printed upon request.

Oncotarget gives researchers a chance to publish their work. Other journals might reject some papers for various reasons but Oncotarget reviews the papers presented and helps the authors improve them it to meet their standards so that their papers can be published. Rejecting such work might deny the public access to important findings that might lead to important developments in various fields of medicine.Oncotarget is one of the leading oncology journals. In fact, in 2016, it was recognized as the best oncology journal by Total Documents. The members of the Oncotarget team are highly qualified scientists are researchers by their own right. In fact, a few members of the Oncotarget team have received the coveted Breakthrough Prize over the past few years. On top of all these, the journal abides by the highest ethical standards.


Oncotarget has proven to be a very important resource for students and other scientists. This is because access to most research papers may be highly restricted and expensive, especially for students. It is therefore no wonder why it one of the leading journals on oncology.