How Officers Use Securus Technologies in the Prison

Me and my team of corrections officers rely on each other to not only keep us safe, but to protect every inmate, staff member, and visitor in our prison. Being in such close quarters with inmates who severely outnumber us, if we let down our guard for even a few seconds, we could be put in a very dangerous situation. Not only do most of the inmates have it out for authority, add into the mix weapons and drugs, and you make a dangerous situation deadly.


Each day we are working hard to maintain order and safety inside the jail. We start by taking the time every day visitors come into the prison to check them for any contraband they might be passing to the inmates. We check the inmates before they can get back to their cells, and we even check their cells randomly throughout the day. We have a team that check inmate’s mail and we even will monitor the calls they make while inside the jail. The company that installed our inmate call monitoring system, Securus Technologies, has been instrumental in helping officers to make life safer for all behind prison walls.


The company is based out of Dallas, has 1,000 employees, and their CEO, Richard Smith, says Securus Technologies is dedicated to making the planet safer. When you have these monitoring systems in over 2,500 jails, you are doing something right. The LBS software enables my team to be able to isolate conversations the inmates are having about drug use in their cells, getting drugs from the outside, and where they can hide the drugs to keep it safe.


Each day we are able to use the call monitoring system to detect chatter on weapons or drugs, then take immediate action before the incidence becomes a problem.


How Logan Moved From Being A Star Baseball Athlete To A Successful Entrepreneur At ID Life

Winning has defined Logan Stout’s life since when he was young. As a young boy growing up in Richardson, TX, Logan was always finding new and unique ways of winning in the classroom and sports. His passion for sports also started early since as a youngster; Logan was possessed with baseball and basketball. His outstanding performance in sports saw him lead various high school sports clubs at J.J Pearce High School. He even earned the title of an MVP in basketball during both his junior and senior basketball sessions.

After high school, Logan enrolled to Panola for a degree in business. He also pursued a degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. It was while in College that Logan decided to settle for baseball. His talent in the sport saw him achieve a lot during his time in the field. Logan was awarded various prestigious awards and titles in College baseball. By the time he graduated, he had participated in 17 World Series events as either a player or as a coach in the game. Logan states that some of his best memories in the game were while coaching aspiring baseball athletes.

After graduation, Logan continued to coach and play baseball. His experience in the game saw him initiate the Dallas Patriots to support upcoming baseball talent. Logan has also authored and published articles that appeared in various sports magazines. He also attended numerous TV and radio interviews. After success in being a sportsman, a coach, and minister, Logan decided to venture into entrepreneurship. His love for sports and healthy living drove him to start ID life in the year 2014. ID life is a leading physical health and fitness company. It deals with health care products, such as energy supplements, sleep strips, shakes, and weight management pills.

About ID life

ID Life is a reputable health and wellness company. It was founded by Logan stout in the year 2014 and is based in Frisco Texas. Within only two years, the company has emerged to be a leader in health, wellness, and nutrition. It develops and sells a broad range of high-quality products aimed at optimizing fitness and wellness. ID Life’s line of nutritious products is made from the finest ingredients in the industry.

ID Life embraces science and research in the product development process. This ensures that it offers safe and biologically tested products. It develops and markets a wide range of products, ranging from weight management pills to energy supplements. An experienced team of specialists guides the customer towards making the right choice.

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Tammy Mazzocco’s Focus on Customer Service in Real Estate Contributes to Her Success

Tammy Mazzocco started her career journey at the Edwards Realty Company working as a secretary. At Edwards, Tammy Mazzocco worked with nine commercial agents led by Mike Zelnik, She later left the job to join Scotland Yard Condominiums and served there for seven years in the condominium management. At the same company, Tammy gained her license as a certified real estate agent upon her endorsement by Scotland Yard’s general manager and Ken Cook, the Cook Realty owner in 1995. After acquiring her license and basic requirements of a real estate agent, she joined the T& R Properties Company where she worked as a multi- site property manager and finally the Columbus Victorian Village area where she served as the assistant to Joe Armeni.

Tammy Mazzocco gained an extensive experience at the various real estate companies and in 1999 having acquired a series of success in all her undertakings, she made real estate focused in real estate as her full-time career. She joined a team of like-minded people at the Judy Gang & Associates based in Pickerington where she works up to date.

According to Philly Purge, in her career, Tammy Mazzocco has adopted customer contact as her trend in business. She believes one can easily make sales upon having a face to face appointment with the clients. Her entrepreneurship success and growth has been attributed to her keen focus on the client’s deal and customer service as well leading the upcoming companies including Realtor and Zillow. Throughout her career, she has a strategy of setting goals and implementing them accordingly.

On her Facebook page, Tammy Mazzocco has shared a Swiss Army brand rolling briefcase which is one her most expensive and favourite possession.

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Change is Good for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Civil and human rights are a necessary part of the world. They are what has allowed African Americans the chance to get an education, women the opportunity to drive cars and children the chance to be children without having to worry about working.

While the United States has come a long way when it comes to civil rights, the people of the country still have a long way to go if they want to make sure that everyone has the same rights that they are all entitled to and that they can all get out of the different experiences in their lives.

There are many different foundations that have worked to come up with solutions for civil rights, human rights and immigrant rights problems. These groups spend a lot of time and money working with these people and with those who make the laws so that people will be able to have equal opportunities. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

When it comes to the experiences that most people have with these groups, some people realize that they do a lot of good while others can still recognize that the groups need to do more. It is something that has made it hard for groups to be able to get what they need and for people to be able to have a successful time in getting their voices heard.

While it may be hard for some people to digest, the number one thing that an advocacy group needs to be successful is money. Money is able to help people with the experiences that they are having but it can also make a huge difference when talking with lobbyists and lawmakers. When a foundation has the money that is necessary to help people out, they are often able to make a bigger impact on the cause that they are trying to fight for. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were working as reporters, they heard a lot about these cases. They found that people were not getting everything that they needed from the United States and that there were very few advocacy groups that actually did any good for those people.

It was something that the men wanted to change but they were just reporters. So, they continued to report on these things and on others things that were unfair and happening in the United States. They wanted people to be able to know that these things were going on all the time in the country.

After some unfortunate events due to their reporting, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin found themselves with a settlement of money from their local sheriff’s office. They knew that using the money for their own advocacy would be the best way to go and that they could make a difference with it.

The settlement was over three million dollars and they chose to use it to set up the Frontera Fund. They started with that sum of money and have added to it over the years through donations and hard work put into it.

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