Why WEN by Chaz Is Awesome

WEN is not your ordinary hair care product. The Sweet Almond Mint by WEN is extremely popular and high in demand. It is popular amongst women of today for a reason. Unlike traditional shampoos and conditioners, WEN by Chaz is sulfate-free. If you didn’t know already, sulfate is damaging to the hair. A lot of shampoos today use sulfate to help cleanse the hair, but it is a harsh ingredient. Sulfate dries out the hair and increases the chance of split-ends. WEN hair products are milder with natural ingredients that will clean, and treat your hair at the same time. The end results are beautiful, soft, and manageable hair.

The creator of WEN is Chaz Dean. He is a world-famous, celebrity hair stylist with years of experience. On his YouTube channel, Chaz is revolutionizing today’s hair products by giving us more natural, yet effective ingredients. His products will work with all hair types and come in different scents. It will make coarse, frizzy hair more manageable. It will make fine, stringy hair more voluminous and fuller. WEN by Chaz is truly a one size fits all for hair. WEN has other products such as treatment sprays, styling crèmes, and conditioners aiming at any hair type. WEN products will create a more beautiful hair and a more beautiful you. Need Wen? Order online from the Wen.com website or via guthy-renker.com.


Jason Halpern, Businessman and Philanthropist

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a real-estate developer who is changing the game. His take on things has allowed him to create such a successful career, that its almost unbelievable. As the founder and managing partner at JMH Development, he has created a business that is flourishing in a time that is not so friendly to people working in real-estate. His ability to create a business that is doing so well is almost as impressive as his ability to give back and help other people who are struggling all over the world.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH Development is based out of New York and that is where most of his work takes place. He specifically loves working in the historic districts and does so in a very unique way. What makes his way unique is his dedication to respecting the historical aspects of each building he works on as well as the community in which he is working in. This ability to not overlook the important aspects of what makes that building historic and what the community wants, shows the type of person that Jason Halpern is.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Another thing that shows the type of person Jason Halpern is, is his work helping others. He has teamed up with a non-profit charity that supplies water for people in other countries. $20,000 of every contract that is signed at his Miami-based location goes to that charity. This selfless act fused together his work and love for helping others.

Jason’s Family

As well as his efforts to help others with his business, he also spends a lot of his own time and money contributing to another charitable endeavor that is close to his heart. Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center is a trauma center that supplies medical attention to an array of different people from pregnant women to burn victims. Jason Halpern has done extensive work with this center and strives to help even more in the future.

Jason Halpern has built a real-estate empire in a market that is extremely hard to be successful in. Building such a successful company is just one small part of who he is. With his success he found ways to help other people, something that he has a strong desire to do. Jason Halpern’s ability to give away so much of what he has earned is something that is so amazing. As JMH Development continues to grow so will Jason Halpern’s ability to help other people.

Sawyer Howitt & The Racquet Club

Sawyer Howitt, the son of very well known and prominent founder of the famous Meriwether group, is a racquetball prodigy residing in Portland, Oregon. Fortunately for Sawyer Howitt, The Racquet Club also resides in Portland! The Racquet Club is a family oriented, private tennis club in the West Hills of Portland. Howitt is widely regarded as one of the best, up and coming racquetball players in the United States.

Many believe that Howitt may represent the United States in the next Olympics. Sawyer Howitt speaks very highly of the opportunity provided by the Racquet Club, and credits the club greatly to his current success and the national attention he is receiving. Sawyer started playing racquetball in high school, at Lincoln High.

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He quickly was getting better and noticed that he was very good compared to the level of competition. He knew to get better, he would need to move onto better competition. He found it at The Racquet Club. While playing at the club, he plays two 2015 National finalists, Gavin Usher and John Curley. Although, Sawyer Howitt didn’t win the high school championship in racquetball his junior year at Lincoln High, he played a very tight match against upper-classman Eric Poppleston. With the hard work continuing, Howitt has a very promising career, and may see himself representing the USA in a couple years. Keep a look out for him!

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Betsy DeVos : The Face Of Change For American Schools

Betsy DeVos is a woman who is trying to make a difference in America. Since the start of her career, DeVos has actively been involved with improving the society, in particular, the educational system in the country. DeVos has always held that education is the key to development in the country, and therefore improvement of this can aid the growth of America as a whole. DeVos has worked alongside numerous different organizations and has helped several people grow and attain better standards of education to improve their talents. Up until the beginning of this year, DeVos headed Windquest Group as their Chief Executive Officer. Windquest Group was a company that aimed to establish clean and renewable energy and provides those to the people of America. However, in January of this year, DeVos was appointed as the new Education Minister of the United States of America. This position gave DeVos all the tools that she needed to be able to uplift the education system in the country and to aid its development. Visit: http://www.betsydevos.com/

One of the first movements that DeVos partook in was for the establishment of the school charter movement. The movement was one that stood for the grading of all schools in America. Betsy, being a mother herself realized that most parents don’t send their kids to good schools solely because they don’t have the knowledge regarding the quality of education that is received in those schools. Though schools all over the country follow the same syllabus, some factors affect the overall development that happens to the child. By making schools undergo rigorous tests and grading them accordingly, parents will be able to analyze which schools are better for their child’s growth and development.

She also fought for the School Vouchers Movement which was aimed towards the use of taxpayers funds for improving the system of education in the country. DeVos believes that every child in the country should have access to high quality of education and therefore the government must make more efforts towards achieving that. She believes that by letting private organizations take over public schools, the quality of education can also be increased.

To help out and contribute even more to society, DeVos started up her foundation alongside her husband, Dick DeVos. The organization was called The DeVos Family Foundation and worked towards providing scholarships and funds to deserving students and organizations. Through the foundation, Betsy DeVos has benefitted many children’s lives, especially the ones coming from underprivileged backgrounds. She regularly provides aid to children to show exemplary skill in their academics and extracurricular activities and encourages them to use these scholarships to go on and seek a higher level of education so that they can improve their skills more. Visit dbdvfoundation.org to know more about their foundation.

How Copa Star Hospital has Established Advanced Medical Services

Copa Star Hospital is leading healthcare facility that is located in Rio. The hospital was built in 2016, and it has gained global recognition due to the state-of-the-art amenities and medical services that it provides. The building of the facility has outstanding architectural designs that make it resemble a luxurious five-star hotel. Copa Star is dedicated to using top-notch technology, equipment, and machines that have ever been created in the healthcare industry. The hospital has made investments in medical amenities that allow it to offer excellent diagnosis and treatment services to the patients that it serves. The compound of the medical facility covers approximately 21,000 square meters. It has currently employed more than 550 professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the patients are served in a compassionate, personalized, and professional manner.

The hospital has managed to developed and excellent reputation in Rio De Janeiro and the rest of the world. It currently serves patients from all parts of the globe. Copa Star has about 113 doctor and nurses who are highly trained and have international accreditation. The facility has the most advanced infrastructure that has ever been established in any hospital in Rio. It boasts of highly sophisticated amenities that make it is a leader in luxury and technology. The environment that the hospital offers allows the patients to heal well since it is peaceful, friendly, and soothing. Visit their profile page at facebook.com.

Copa Star’s interior designs are also exclusive. The staff members and guests use separate hallways, and this makes it easy to move around since there is no congestion. The hospital has also installed the latest technology that allows it to offer comprehensive medical care to the patients that it has admitted. It has also invested in a computerized hospitality system that simplifies operations and communications between the healthcare professionals and the patients. The program ensures that the patients get medical attention whenever they need it.

The medical facility cost about $500 million to be completed. Approximately $400 million was invested in the development of the building and the compound while the remaining $100 million was used in purchasing the latest medical technology, equipment, and machines. The establishment of the medical center has enabled Rio de Janeiro to be recognized as one of the major cities in Brazil where people can access advanced healthcare services. Hospital Copa Star owns superior hybrids rooms that are used in conducting complex surgical procedures and also enable quick recovery of the patients.

The residents of Rio have been able to access advanced healthcare services such as cardiac and neurological surgeries. The medical facility accepts payments from insurances, and this makes it affordable to middle-class individuals. Copa Star strives to ensure that all the services that it provides meet the healthcare sector’s standards. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

Robert Santiago Sets the Trends in Modern Shopping

Brazil is famous for leisure and relaxation. One of the latest hotspots to come up is the Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in Manaira, Brazil. Fifty-eight-year-old Robert Santiago owns it. The renowned entrepreneur is developing the complex. The mall offers luxury shopping, entertainment, fun, and recreation. It has a spacious design and relies on smart architecture to maximize natural daylight inside the building.

Roberto Santiago is a business graduate from the University Center of Joao Pessoa, which is in his hometown. His first business was producing carton packaging products. His venture was hugely successful. He then acquired prime plots right in his hometown and started developing. This has ended in one of the hottest masterpieces in the shopping world. It is an ideal spot for families, from the Paraiba region and beyond, to enjoy luxury relaxation, shopping, and recreation. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing.

It took Roberto Santiago a quick two years to complete the construction of the Manaira Shopping complex, which started in 1989. He is committed to creating an enabling environment for businesses to achieve their goals. Additionally, he is influencing lifestyles, shopping, and entertainment trends in the region. The exquisitely designed flagship complex has earned him recognition from the local community. State of the art infrastructure and facilities enable a forum for the community to keep up with global trends.

Robert Santiago is avid about investing in the real estate sector. He advises young investors to create an action plan quickly to actualize business ideas. The complex is still expanding. For example, the Domus Concert Hall with a capacity of eight thousand was launched in 2009 on the rooftop of the complex. It is a fully fitted modern concert hall with cutting edge audio-visual technology, air conditioning and contemporary ambiance and décor.

Robert Santiago loves speed thrills. He is an ardent enthusiast of sports cars and the motocross. This perfectly matches with his business goal of providing the go-to hub for premier fun and thrilling experiences. With more expansions planned for the development, this stroke of genius is only likely to shine brighter.

Manaira Shopping is a shopper’s dream come true. It consists of select premier retail stores, high-end restaurants and diners, performance theaters and cinema halls, electronic amusement park and bowling alley among many others. Essential services such as banks, school branches, and government agencies are also hosted at the complex. With the development, Roberto Santiago has not only put Paraiba on the map but also set the pace for other developers to follow. Read more articles on exame.com

InnovaCare Health And The Mission Of Rick Shinto To Provide Quality Healthcare

InnovaCare Health, a champion in providing managed healthcare services in U.S. is on a mission to ensure quality healthcare for all the sections of the society. The firm is benefitted by the qualified services of its highly experienced management team including the Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto and the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. The management of the firm is much focused on providing diverse service products which everyone would find highly useful. Interestingly, most of the products from InnovaCare Health has a very high satisfaction rate of over 90 percentile consistently over the years. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch.com

The services of the firm include Medicare Advantage, a major health care service plan with more than 250,000 members and a large network of 7,500 providers; Physician Practice Services with MSO to provide a lasting relationship between physicians and their clients. Additionally, the firm offers Medicaid, Population Health Management, and Clinical Services to both U.S. and Puerto Rico. The firm is the one of the largest managed healthcare service provider in Puerto Rico both in terms of the number of customers and network hospitals. The success of the firm is coming from its integration of latest technology with a sustainable model of quality care that offers innovative, cost-effective, and coordinated services and solutions to the customers.

  1. Shinto joined InnovaCare Health in 2012 and helped the firm strategically advance in the market. He has more than 20 years of experience in both operational healthcare and clinical services and worked with a number of healthcare services firms. Dr. Shinto started his career with pulmonology practitioner in Southern California and then, continued the service with Medical Management for MedPartners as its Corporate Vice President. Later, he worked with Cal Optima Health Plan as its Chief Medical Officer and continued the service with Medical Pathways Management Company. Rick Shinto also worked with NAMM California as its Chief Medical Officer, and his long years of experience helped him serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the healthcare services firm Aveta Inc. Dr. Shinto continued with Aveta until he was recruited by InnovaCare in 2012.

Interestingly, Penelope Kokkinides has a rejoining story to the firm when she rehired by InnovaCare in June 2015. She too has more than two decades of experience in specialized healthcare programs and worked with a number of firms including Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice, and Aveta Inc. in various executive roles. Penelope worked previously with InnovaCare as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer according to HRMR Online.

Jason Hope Leads Business

For many people technology can be the cause of anxieties. For entrepreneur Jason Hope, however, technology offers promises of advancement and change. Hope is a futurist entrepreneur whose work as a consultant helps company find digital solutions to problems and work within the rising tide of technology-oriented goods. These items, known to many as the Internet of Things, are consumer and commercial products that have persistent Internet connectivity. Hope’s beliefs on the Internet of Things were addressed by author Jesse Boskoff in a recent Engadget article.

In his article, Boskoff discusses the way that Hope sets himself apart by taking a “hard-line stance” on the Internet of Things. Hope believes that the Internet of Things shows promise for humanity by tackling many problems that society currently faces. For Hope, persistent connectivity can provide conveniences but it can also make us safer and reduce waste. These possibilities may soon be widely seen as Hope believes the Internet of Things represents an inevitable future for all of us.

His foresight into the role of technology in society does not stop there. Jason Hope sees promise in the field of biotechnology and has pledged a large sum to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit whose goal is to end age-related illness. Hope’s work and funding might help create a better future for us all where the perils of old age may be significantly curbed. Read This Article.

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