Fabletics and How Its Taking Over Amazon

Fabletics is a leading sports apparel company. The company was founded four years ago, but they have managed to gain a competitive edge over the likes of companies such as Athleta and Lulu Lemon and now they are threatening to take over Amazon in the online retail market for athletic wear. Here is what has led to Fabletics gaining a competitive edge, over this industry moguls, in such a short time.
The sports industry is a critical factor in the sports industry. Because you can only own so many pieces of these wears, it is important that the ones you have be in a position to stand the test of time. You need to ensure that they don’t overstretch with time. Also, it is important that you ensure they don’t fade once laundered. Additionally, the sewing needs to be cooperative and not tear in the middle of your exercise. And, the fit needs to be just right so that it can support your muscles as they move through the motions. Fabletics thrives at offering great quality products. That is why they have been able to grow to sales worth over $250 million in just three short years.
Fabletics is the true meaning of value for your money. For less than $100 you can get two or three piece outfits. These are outfits that you would otherwise get for double or triple amount, if you are shopping other brands. With each piece, you can choose from a variety of designs, patterns and colors to fit your preferences.
Fabletics understands how important advertising is. Hence, they have invested heavily to ensuring that more and more people know what they sell. In most of their commercials, you will find Kate Hudson modelling various pieces. This gives people the confidence to come to their stores and purchase their products.
When Fabletics first started, in the year 2013, they only designed and sold women sports apparel. But, currently they have diversified to cater for men and children. The result is a larger market, enabling them to increase their profitability pretty fast.
Reverse Showrooming
Reverse showrooming is the art of capitalizing on a market that only uses your store as a showroom and turning that around so that they actually buy from you, instead of someone else. To this end, Fabletics use a membership program. The VIP program allows customers to purchase every tem at a discounted price. At the beginning of each month, VIP members are credited $49.95. This amount is used on shopping for the month. However, it is entirely up to you. You can choose to skip the month and you will be charged zero. Because you have nothing to lose and have everything to gain by being a VIP member, many people choose to join. With this strategy, Fabletics testify that at least 33% of their online store visitors leave as buyers.

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