Talk Fusion — the Small and Large Businesses’ Personal Cutting-Edge Technique for Engaging Consumers

Talk Fusion — the Small and Large Businesses’ Personal Cutting-Edge Video Technique for Engaging Consumers



Here’s to your company’s survival and staying out of the unemployment world. Then, if your business is thriving, you would be smart to use the right strategy in keeping your customers and associates connected, even by using a face-to-face method. Well, Talk Fusion is the small and large businesses’ cutting-edge video technique for engaging consumers.



When Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder, Bob Reina launched the platform in 2007, he planned to give the market community entrance to keeping customer relations and preservation through video Internet marketing. Also, for individuals or companies’ sales increase and earnings, the businesses could hold a leading edge on the competition. Apparently, the website provides the favorite tool for a combined video Weimar and marketing platform. This way, Talk Fusion can enable firms to improve their advertising takes on applying an attractive and unique video.



What’s more, the program’s company has made it available to over 140 nations around the world. As a result, the all-in-one video promotional system is provided with a display of features. Scores of men and women are diligently trying to continue success through all of their marketing needs. Except, they make the effort stressful for themselves by working with multiple companies.



So, they need Talk Fusion, which is stress-free in saving more time and money for the use of one account. Simply put, imagine setting up the business, while your video conferencing, email marketing, video hosting, messaging apps, lead captured systems, file storage accounts and more are all in one place. Again, you just met all of your marketing needs without a headache. As well, the software’s feature — The Fusion on the Go — is especially useful.



For added understanding, Talk Fusion’s video email is the app’s head item which allows contacts and businesses to connect readily. These new roles and features make up this added comfort to your firm while you are away. So, don’t forget when making use of the App Sending videos, this setting can be carried out solely with the tool.



In Conclusion, Talk Fusion is connecting the marketplace with an exceptional approach to using the power of video. Further, the network marketing company recently started a proper training program called Talk Fusion University. Indeed, this unique global business is expanding fast. Therefore, it is for wherever, anyone interested in earning a significant income after becoming a team member.


Working people, entrepreneurs, and consumers, we encourage you to have a go at this one-stop video marketing solution for 30 days with no need for a credit card. Learn more:

Ara Chackerian Is An Influential Entrepreneur And Investor

One of the most difficult jobs out there today is being a self-sufficient entrepreneur, which takes a high level of dedication and persistence despite the kinds of setbacks that are involved. It is also one of the most competitive careers today due to the kind of success it can bring. Some of the most reputable businessmen in the world have used their entrepreneurial ideas to gain billions of dollars. Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and investor that has achieved a lot as a businessman these days with a valuable reputation in the business industry.

Ara Chackerian has dedicated the majority of his life to his entrepreneurial ideas and his talent for investing. Today, he is an active business owner, investor, and philanthropist. For most of Ara’s career, he has had a keen interest in the medical field, investing in various business throughout the world over the past two decades. In 1991, Ara Chackerian graduated from Florida State University and earned his Marketing Degree. Ever since then, he has been on the hustle to achieve great things in the business world. Not only has Ara started up many successful companies throughout the course of his career, but he has taken up partnerships with many more, such as PipelineRx. You can visit to know more.

Ara Chackerian has always given out advice to young investors and entrepreneurs out there trying to make their way into the industry, and for him, one of the most important things to do is to keep the education going. The more someone learns, the more improvements they can make to their current decisions to be more successful. Taking the time to surround oneself with smart people and smart ideas will help drive new perspectives, which is key to surviving as an entrepreneur. Taking the time to diversify investments and find worthwhile partnerships is a major factor in building steady growth as well. This will minimize potential losses, and minimizing losses is important as business deals do not always work out in the end. Also, having a supportive family that keeps motivation high never hurts, says Ara Chackerian. Check out their Facebook page.

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Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers

The past few years have seen artist after artist, genre after genre enter into the limelight that is the music scene. For Alex Pall, a simple college student with a love for DJing (until recently) the life he leads today was not one he expected. Being interested in dance music, Pall had a few forays into the genre and as even had a music manager, but he considered it to be more of a hobby than a “job.” However, what started out as a hobby became a full-time job as his manager introduced Pall to Andrew Taggart and the two became the duo whose name would eventually know great fame: The Chainsmokers.

Originally just beat-music, the kind that plays in clubs and has no real lyrics, their first glimpse of fame when they released #Selfie in 2015. The single quickly went viral, more for comedy than for musical genius, but nevertheless, the two took what was given and have released many songs following the first. As time has paced The Chainsmokers have not only earned a name for themselves but have helped other newcomers to do the same. Alex Pall states that it has been a rocky road to establish an identity for the group between trying to decide where they want their music to go next and what exactly they want to portray in their songs, especially after getting their start as simple DJs with no intentions of adding lyrics to their dance music.

For The Chainsmokers, much has changed. They have quickly gone from having a typical demographic of what they deem “college” students, to fans under 15 as well as those over 30. Alex Pall’s view is that it is only up from here. As he and Taggart grow their musical identity, the more successful they become.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Are Not Intimidated By The Pardon of Former Sheriff Arpaio

It’s rare to find social activities and political reformers who could commit to swinging for the fences. Not many can give their all. Not many are strong. Not many have the bully pulpit personality that withstands the attacks of a mob.

Fortunately for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, they have the courage, talent and powerful connections to push the advocacies that matter to them.

For now, that advocacy is to voice out their concern against the growing connections of Former Sheriff Arpaio, most especially the one with no other than President Trump himself.

The Arpaio Case

We all remember that Joe Arpaio was the sheriff who illegally captured Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey in the middle of the night at their home without a warrant.

It was declared by the side of Michael and Jim that the issue of Joe Arpaio right now is even made more controversial by the fact that President Trump is an ally of Former Sheriff Joe and is now bailing the sheriff out.

The sheriff won’t be spending a single day in prison after he was convicted for contempt of court for a technical issue that involves him not following the rules of the court.

It should also be noted that President Trump has also made it clear that the pardon of Arpaio is his belief in the sheriff’s innocence, or at least in an analysis by Michael and Jim themselves.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Two of the most intrepid journalists today, Michael and Jim have made a reputation for being feisty journalists who will push for their human rights and the rights of immigrants.

They’re people who feel that it’s their mission to make immigrants all over America to get the protection, opportunities and legal buffers granted to them by the constitution.

It is said that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent first, and so that means, in the case of Michael and Jim, the pardon of Joe Arpaio is not the end of their battle.

It doesn’t mean that the two journalists will already acquiesce to the intimidation of the sheriff. It doesn’t mean that the journalists are inferior to Joe.

In response to such branch of the Joe Arpaio case, Michael and Jim are now using the money they earned from the settlement case against Joe Arpaio to build Frontera Fund, a non-profit group to fight cases that are similar to that they experienced. They want other immigrants not to experience what they did.

They want to protect them with an organization that would make way for such problems and gives them the attention they deserve.

So far, the Frontera Fund has been successful in initiation press features and campaigns to protect people from the threats of free speech and their other necessary rights.

In relation with the Frontera Fund, Michael and Jim also started the Front Page Confidential newspaper, which is an online paper that also does the same thing: expose the abuses of police officers and make sure that these abuses are given the exposure that the people need to know.

Rocketship Education Provides Great Educational Option

For those people that have young children, finding a way to provide them with a great education is very important. Unfortunately, for those that live in some areas, the quality of public education in the area is not great and the cost of private education is way too significant. For parents to understand whether or not their children are doing well in school and are keeping up with their peers, following test scores is a great option.

Parents that live in the state of Tennessee and have kids attended the public school system will likely receive test scores and reports from the state and school on an annual basis. These reports will show how well a student is doing in comparison to other students in their grade. Parents will then also receive percentile reports and estimates of how much a student will need to develop in coming years to eventually keep up with their classmates. Students that fall behind and are not able to catch up will have a much higher chance of dropping out of high school and will be much less likely to attend college.

If a parent has a student that does not seem to be able to keep up with their classmates, finding another educational option is a great choice. One company that has continue to provide great educational support for a long. of time is Rocketship Education. This company is a charter school program that has been in business for over 10 years. The organization has a different approach to education that has shown to be successful by helping students achieve their educational goals and do well compared to their peers.

Rocketship Education used to be based out of one school in Oakland, CA but has continued to expand over recent years. This has included opening schools all over the country, including an expansion into the Nashville, TN area. The organization providers a unique approach to education and is able to continue to serve the community. While other charter schools are designed for higher-income students, the majority of Rocketship Education students come from lower income families.


Dr. David Samadi is one of the leading urologic oncologists specializing in robotics and minimally invasive surgery. He is a leader in the treatment of prostate cancer and has so far performed over 5000 robotic surgeries. He is also regarded as a unique doctor since he has been trained in three areas namely; robotics, laparoscopic and open surgery. This has given him a very solid knowledge background to be able to diagnose illness correctly.

He has an extensive medical education background. He attained a degree in biochemistry from the University of Stony Brook before pursuing his M.D from the Stony Brook School of Medicine. He undertook his postgraduate studies at Montefiore medical center. He later did his fellowship in proctology in 2001 at Sloan Kettering cancer center.

He currently serves as the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at the Lenox Hill hospital. He also works at Mount Sinai Hospital as the Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and the Chief of the division of robotics both in the department of urology.

In his medical career, he has been recognized for his excellent medical service on some occasions. In 2009, he was recognized in the best doctor’s issue of the New York magazine. He has also written numerous publications and articles which have been published in medical journals such as Journal of robotic surgery. He also has medical shows that air on the Dr. Samadi TV where he shares with the audience about urology and oncology topics. He also shares the issues on his Twitter and Facebook platforms.

He is the pioneer of SMART surgery a technique he developed for the treatment of prostate conditions. He says his method has fewer side effects as it involves separating the prostate from the surrounding nerves with microscopic precision without affecting the nerves. Dr. Samadi advocates for surgery as a method of treating prostate cancer and he says by choosing surgery Mitt Romney was able to survive his prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi says in his medical career, he tries to make his patients feel better with the help of his dedicated team of medical experts.

Drone Detection By Securus Deters Facility Crime

Drone detection technology is a simple, but effective way for a correctional facility to minimize the threat of contraband through drone activity. Drones are hard for facilities to detect and are responsible for a large amount of contraband that now has the potential to invade a facility. Securus Technologies masterminded the technology and will control the device from their base quarters. Without the need of additional facility support the new Securus technology will reduce crime in some of the toughest prisons nationwide. When it comes to crime prevention, Securus continues to be the leaders with advance technology solutions to combat telecommunication crime.


Securus Technologies; Leadership


Many Securus Technologies executives, professionals, and IT professionals have planned a role in the success of the Securus Technologies inmate calling network. However, their CEO, Rick A. Smith, stands behind any iniative for Securus to continue crime prevention beyond incarceration and continue to actively support the safety of the general public. Their surveillance and monitoring tools have long been used to monitor other networks and continues to be used as a part of their superior inmate calling network. You’re invited to visit their website portal for many descriptive feature tabs to save money on inmate calling, today.


Recent Securus Technologies News


There is now prompt payment processing technology available through Securus. Their new GovPayNet partnership means, you’ll get your payments processed in 1 to 24 hours. GovPayNet serves as one of the largest government debit and credit card processing networks. The estimated worth of the deal continues to go undisclosed, but has been reported by Business Newswire as a successful deal for all parties involved. Trust the valuable Securus Technologies network to provide features and services unmatched by their competitors. In fact, their technology at Securus, protects your financial information overt an encrypted network.


Securus; Preferred Services


You have the option of many features and services available on the technologically sound Securus web portal. Their website directs you to many important features and services including remote visitation online or bundles of stamps at a reasonable rate. You can easily purchase features from their web portal with a valid payment method. Most of their features require their customers be eighteen years of age or older and you must have a valid payment method to order features and services. Their interactive web portal has allowed them to become one of the largest inmate calling networks nationwide. Their customers have also participated in theist crime prevention program by leaving their comments in their forum or reporting them confidentially online.


Join the popular Securus group and stay connected to your friends and family in a correctional institution. Thousands of customers currently stay connected to an inmate with Securus.


Ara Chackerian and the Creation of TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian is the standard success story. A graduate from Florida State University with a Bachelor in Science, Chackerian found success as a marketing executive and entrepreneur. Since his rise he has been able to parlay such success into the field of small business investment. A noted philanthropist Chackerian, like many businesspeople of his ilk, is using his success to give back to the world around him. A huge part of that is his role as angel investor, board member, and executive partner for numerous early stage healthcare companies. An advocate for revolutionizing healthcare in the U.S., Chackerian has spent two decades founding business that promise to take healthcare into the future. His latest venture is as co-founder and board member for TMS solutions, which currently advocates a revolutionary new treatment that could cure treatment resistant depression.

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, the treatment had been around for few years before Chackerian became aware of it. Although the procedure had gained FDA approval in 2008, but had been held back by poor staffing, low funds, inability to retain technicians, and liability issues with insurance coverages. Dr. Richard Bermudas, proactive thinker and ardent supporter of the process, was attempting to use TMS in his practice when he met with Chackerian. His passion attracted Chackerian to the process, and after careful study it was discovered that TMS was suffering floundering from a poor deliveray model. As the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC Chackerian was able to partner with Dr. Bermudas. ASC built seven facilities around San Francisco to house TMS treatment rooms, forming TMS Health Solutions. At present the company is treating patients with treatment resistant depression in an effort to curb the condition completely. Their success could potentially help thousands, and lead TMS to be used in other cases of mental disorders. Visit Medium to know more.

For his part Chackerian remains a passionate devotee, doing what he can to raise awareness for the treatment and its potential use. Ara Chackerian is also credited with building BMC Diagnostics and PipelineRx. As a philanthropist he has donated to numerous causes and charities, his most recent the creation of Limonapa Teak, a Nicaraguan teak plantation seeking to better then environment with reforestation.

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DrSamadi’s contribution to robotics Surgery and urology

Since 2013, DrSamadi has been the Chief of Robotic Surgery of Urology and the chief of Urology Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a graduate of Stony Brook School of Medicine, New York where he qualified as an MD. He later went to Montefiore Medical Center to achieve his residency in surgery in 1996 and specialized in urology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2000. Following his great achievements in school, he got a fellowship in 2001 from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in urology oncology. For robotics surgery he got a fellowship from Henri Mondor Hospital in 2002. His impressive education background has given him the qualifications to hold the prestigious position he is in.

Being an expert in robotic surgery, DrSamadi gives lectures to his colleagues on the same. He has written several articles that help shed light on grey areas in robotic surgery. He also is the founder of and Director of Mount Sinai’s Robotic Fellowship Program. His expertise and efforts to further the practise of robotics surgery saw him be named as one of the best doctors in New York Magazine 2009 issue. His desire to share information with his colleagues and other interested parties in urology and robotics surgery, DrSamadi shares his views and expertise on DrSamadi TV.

One thing that keeps DrSamadi ahead in his field is his innovation. Having had years of experience as a surgeon, he came up with a surgical procedure that helps solve some of the challenges he has faced in the operating room. His new procedure, SMART, helps minimize pain and bleeding during the surgical process. This enables his patients to make quick recoveries and minimize the number of transfusions needed during the operation. This is achieved by avoiding incision and instead making only six small instrumental holes. When operating, DrSamadi does not open the side of the prostate and suture the dorsal vein complex. This helps avoid damaging the sphincter, nerves and tissues. The SMART procedure has intrigued the interest of many surgeons and received many positive complements.

DrSamadi’s insistence on none invasive methods to do his surgeries is for the patient’s benefit. By doing this, he has seen his patients get discharged 24 hours after the surgery. Most of his patients make full recovery in a shorter amount of time compared to those who go through more invasive procedures.

Sussex Healthcare And CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor Set Standards For Senior Care

Sussex Healthcare offers exceptional services for senior living and care. There are currently 20 centers run by the Sussex organization. The company is independent and focuses its programs on seniors. However, others are welcome to its services. Clients with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia benefit by being able to maintain a dignified life as long as possible. Clients with neurological difficulties and learning disabilities can also receive expert care at Sussex.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is now the CEO of Sussex Healthcare. With her experience, contacts and business acumen, Sussex will continue to offer the very best in long-term health care. Amanda Morgan-Taylor arrives with a wealth of experience whereby she successfully managed healthcare organizations going through a transition. Her career took off in 1984 when she began working as a service manager. From there, her uphill climb came with a string of successes.

Sussex understands what good health means. Providing care for the essentials of life is an important element of healthcare for seniors. Sussex believes in treating the entire person. Practitioners train to work with clients to help them engage in dancing, crafts, cooking, and other things along with specified treatments. The goal is to keep them busy and engaged in things. Art therapy can also be an effective form of treatment.

Read more: Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

The programs at Sussex stem from the fact that they believe that seniors should enjoy a safe and comfortable life even when receiving treatments for a neurological disorder or dementia. Sussex provides an environment for the elderly to enhance the emotional, physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of their life through engaging activities and therapies.

Caring for dementia requires that patients become involved in a more active lifestyle. Some families can no longer provide the care these patients need to facilitate what patients needs at this juncture in life. As such, Sussex offers dementia training for everyone on staff. Employees are also encouraged to participate in on-going learning where they can continue to develop their knowledge and experience. Their approach to treating patients allows them to develop personal relationships with clients.

Sussex team members work with neurological patients in the same caring manner. Team members also train to work with speech, language, and physiotherapists to better help clients. Sussex employees commit themselves to work with medical specialists and consultants to provide the best treatments possible.